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Trend Toward Full Legalization of Hemp/Cannabis Industry – April 2015 Jamaica Interview with President Obama

Watch this short video of President Obama answering questions in Jamaica at an April 2015 event on the legalization of the hemp cannabis industry and expected decriminalization of marijuana by the US federal government. President Obama also talks about coordination with Latin America, South America and Caribbean nations to improve the war on drugs that […]

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DEA Wants Federal Government To Grow More Cannabis

People have long been critical of the federal government and its agencies with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) included. One covert program seemed like a fairy tale – something straight out of Hollywood. I mean who would believe that the federal government was funding a medical marijuana grow operation?! Right?! Turns out, the federal government […]

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Cannabis Business Taxation – IRC 280E – Olive v. Commissioner, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Analysis

Over $2 million in tax and penalties assessed San Francisco Vapor Room dispensary for not complying with federal income tax laws that apply to medical marijuana businesses – IRC 280E – Olive v. Commissioner, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Confirming Deductibility of Cost of Goods Sold, but Denying Deductions of Ordinary or Necessary Trade or Business […]

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NORML - US State Cannabis Laws

Oregon the Fifth State to Decriminalize Marijuana Use

Oregon joined Colorado, Washington, Alaska and the District of Columbia in legalizing recreational use of marijuana, with decriminalization of recreational use effective July 1, 2015.  Little known is that Oregon already decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot over 40 years ago. This new law supported by a good majority of the voting public will […]

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US State Marijuana Law Map - March 2015

Top 4 Issues of Concern for all Cannabis Investors and Businesses

Across the US state legalization of medical and adult recreational use of marijuana is driving burgeoning business and sales growth in the cannabis-marijuana industry (click here to view March 2015 graph and chart). There is little doubt the cannabis industry is one you should invest in if you can do it safely as some very […]

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