The cannabis/marijuana industry is booming. It clearly is the fastest growing industry in the united states today and expected to remain the fastest growing for years to come. As strains and dosages and delivery methods improve, the benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of a wide range of disorders could fuel a gold rush in new treatments available to doctors with the benefits but not the negative side effects of many traditional drugs. This expectancy underlies many amazing business opportunities in the cannabis industry and why this industry will fuel many of Wall Street’s hottest growth stocks in years to come.

Recent national news:

1/26/15 Legal Marijuana is the Fastest Growing Industry in the US – Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the United States and if the trend toward legalization spreads to all 50 states, marijuana could become larger than the organic food industry, according to a new report obtained by The Huffington Post. Researchers from The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm based in Oakland, California, found that the U.S. market for legal cannabis grew 74 percent in 2014 to $2.7 billion, up from $1.5 billion in 2013.

4/30/15 Is the marijuana business right for you? -CBS News

“Could your next job be in the legal marijuana industry? It’s already the fastest-growing business in the U.S. and is expected to generate $10.8 billion in sales in 2019, a huge increase from $2.7 billion seen in 2014, according to ArcView Market Research.” This growth has fueled a hiring boom.  Colorado’s industry alone has created 10,000 jobs, according to one report.  Thousands more may come on line as the industry continues to evolve.”

More Detailed CannaBusiness and Investment Information:

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