Gary Johnson, Former Governor of New Mexico, and Presidential Candidate, Pushing For Full Legalization of Marijuana in US

Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson is the first high level US official, and the only presidential candidate, calling openly and aggressively for federal decriminalization of marijuana to allow interstate activity in an industry that could grow substantially faster, create more jobs, and generate increasing government revenues if the federal government removed it as a controlled substance. He states many other governors, senators and congressmen/women also support decriminalization of marijuana but are afraid to come out openly due to the continued widespread misunderstanding about hemp and cannabis and continuing fear and prejudice towards mother nature’s most amazing botanical plant.

Watch his interesting recent interview in January 2016 by clicking here.

Johnson is the former governor of New Mexico (from 1995 to 2003) who ran for president as the Libertarian candidate in 2012. He’s also a successful businessman who built one of the largest construction firms in his state before running for governor. If he wins his party’s nomination at a convention in May, he’ll mostly likely appear as a third-party presidential candidate in all 50 states. Johnson has already invested in the state legal medical marijuana industry, and alledgedly is an officer or material shareholder in at least one publicly traded ancillary cannabis business. He is an investor in and recently resigned as CEO of Cannabis Sativa, Inc., trading in the OTC markets under the symbol CBDS. Johnson resigned to focus more time on his 2016 presidential election bid. To learn more about the team behind CBDS and its recent activity, click here.

One must admire Gary Johnson. He is calling out the many many sitting politicians who have used or use marijuana, or who know alcohol is a much more serious concern, to join him in getting marijuana decriminalized due to the many societal benefits that will occur after, ranging from increased government revenues, to decreased government budget deficits, to reduced criminal prosecutions for victimless crimes, to reduced prison overcrowding, to reducing drug cartel activity and flow of US money leaving the US, to improving treatment for awide array of illnesses, to allowing widespread research in cannabis strains and derivatives for helping improve quality of life as we age, to improving pet care and longevity, to reducing oil dependency, to stopping deforestation, to even reducing teen suicides as supported by a recent JAMA study of the AMA.

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Johnson is one of the few national level politicians who has the integrity to denounce continued criminalization of marijuana despite clear evidence its recreational use is far less dangerous to society than alcohol, and its medicinal and nutritional value well supported by science based studies across the world. Industrial hemps benefits, if teh US federal government decriminalized marijuana, would also include helping slow global warming and improving US energy independence.

To learn about the history of marijuana laws in the US and the consipracy to hide the many benefits of mother nature’s most amazing herbal plant, click here.

For more information on Gary Johnson, click here for Yahoo source article and video..

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