Groundbreaking Research Confirms ADHD Likely Helped Better with Cannabis than Adderall

It is now widely agreed marijuana has many medical benefits and is now being used to treat a number of ailments.

A groundbreaking new medical study of 30 patients with ADHD reported improved concentration and sleep as well as reduced impulsivity after using medicinal cannabis. These 30 patients all reported having limited success with conventional treatments like Ritalin and Adderall. 22 of the 30 patients opted to forgo their previously prescribed medications and use marijuana to manage their symptoms. This is an incredibly positive development despite a small sample size.

Super important is also new research showing women who take antidepressants during pregnancy increases risk of autism, layering argument medical cannabis should be considered before pharmaceuticals for a wide range of mental ailments.

This type of research has been illegal in the USA for 50+ years, likely in part due to Big Pharma’s conflicting business interests (click here to read more on that).

“Cannabis appears to treat ADD and ADHD by increasing the availability of dopamine,” said Dr. David Bearman, a cannabinoidologist. “This then has the same effect but is a different mechanism of action than stimulants like Ritalin and dexedrine amphetamine, which act by binding to the dopamine and interfering with the metabolic breakdown of dopamine.”

Basically, cannabinoids in marijuana appear to help correct dopamine shortages in the brain that’s seen with people who have ADHD. Right now, Colorado and California are the only two states that allow prescription of medical marijuana to treat ADHD. With any luck, more studies like this one will move more states to allow treatment.

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