Investment Surging in Marijuana Companies

$215,000,000 was invested in 2015 by venture capital firms in cannabis industry companies, more than double the $97 million invested in 2014, and nearly 30 times the $8.7 million in 2013, as reported by Marijuana Business Daily. Nearly 100 deals were inked in 2015 compared to 60 in 2014.

The reasons are many, including US Department of Justice guidelines since 2014 indicating a reversal on enforcement of laws against state licensed marijuana companies.

While impressive, this level of investment, merely $215 million by organized VC firms in 2014, is a paltry sum considering marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the US and once decriminalized nationally will greatly help the US across many areas including improved health care, decreased drug addiction, decreased incarceration on victimless crimes, reduced state and federal government deficits, and importantly substantial increase in US jobs at expense of offshore cartel enterprises.

A recent trend that will help accelerate investment in the marijuana industry, and help accelerate federal congressional and presidential action to decriminalize cannabis and hemp federally, is the state trend of exempting financial institutions from criminal charges for transacting with licensed marijuana businesses.

Oregon’s HB 4094 is an example, flying through the state legislature with 56 yes votes and 3 opposed, which soon should be signed by Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown..

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