Largest Medical Marijuana Farm in North and South America is Not in the USA

Chile is leading the way amongst nations in North and South and Latin America by allowing large medical marijuana plantations. They help drive costs down for quality cannabis medicine and decrease black market illegal activity. It is unknow how much of the production ends up in the recreational black market but surely some likely does. The positives of the country allowing large pot farms are many and multi-faceted including but not limited to:

  • bringing a large black market agricultural industry into the light
  • increasing government revenues
  • increasing jobs and payroll taxes
  • strengthening economy
  • reducing import of cartel grown marijuana
  • keeping capital in the country
  • reducing cash black market economy
  • improving medical research and development
  • improving natural health initiatives
  • reducing crime
  • reducing government spending on victimless crime
  • increasing overall well being of national populace
  • reducing stigma of association with one of nature’s most dynamic herbal plants
  • opening foor for expanded industrial hemp innovations

Read the full news release published by Rueters by clicking here..

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