Medical Marijuana States and Trends 2015

For information on laws and legal developments in the cannabis/marijuana industry, click on the topic of interest below:

  • Click here to read a brief history of cannabis laws in the USA
  • Also read about the top issues of concern to investors and operators of cannabis industry businesses
  • Medical marijuana use in any form declared legal by courts throughout Canada – read full article.
  • Why law enforcement opposes legal recreational marijuana use – the real story
  • Why Big Pharma opposes medical marijuana – the real story
  • June 2015 – US Congress taking steps to protect state medical marijuana initiatives – read the full article
  • federal cannabis-marijuana law overview – click here for a NORML summary (Note we will soon provide extensive analysis by legal experts who have concluded medical marijuana use cannot reasonably construed as a violation of 21 U.S.C. 812 (Controlled Substance Act) as said act specifically requires a finding that a controlled drug or substance “has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” 21 U.S.C. 812 (b)(1)(B), a required finding. Due to many state’s leading integration of marijuana into the general medical community, it is merely a matter of time before a majority in office at the federal level recognize sweeping legislative amendments to exclude medical cannabis specifically from the Controlled Substance Act is overdue and will get done)
  • special tax law implication overview – IRS Code Section 280E
  • insurance issues for companies dealing in medical cannabis
  • FDA and related product labeling laws
  • foreign law schemes and variations
  • trademark and patent law implications
  • investor legal concerns and cautions
  • investment securities law implications
  • public trading cannabis industry company legal issues
  • asset protection and asset confiscation issues
  • criminal law issues and implications
  • cultivator and grower specific legal issues
  • dispensary and retail sales specific issues
  • ancillary business legal issues
  • June 2015 highlights – Puerto Rico legalizes medical marijuana use

… more to come.

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