Parkinson sufferers Benefiting from Marijuana Therapy

This video taken years ago (click here to view) contains testimonials of spouses who witnessed improved mobility and happiness in loved ones having access to medical marijuana therapy (referred to as “vegetable therapy” in some spots due to fear of prosecution). Also, and more convincing of the importance of this issue, is actual footage toward the end of the video (after Michael Fox intervoew) of the miraculous “recovery” to functionality by a serious victim of disabling Parkinson’s disease.

The US federal government will hopefully soon get out of the way of widespread study of marijuana’s health benefits to sick and healthy people alike, especially now that the majority of US states have legalized some form of mdical marijuana use.

We know the vast majority of Americans, and all who have done any research, support expanded use and study of medical marijuana for complimentary disease treatment and for nutritional medicine use.

Please openly support a change in federal law now to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance laws.

If nbot yet convinced, read this white paper from 2013 strongly supporting such action by the drug policy organization which concludes:

Marijuana should be reclassified in order to facilitate research, ensure patient access and permit its legal regulation..

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