Quality US Medical Marijuana Changing the Drug War – Putting Mexican Pot Growers Out of Business

With 23 US states now allowing marijuana farming to some degree, Mexican pot farmers are shifting to other plants for export according to Bloomberg Business. Not because overall supply exceeds demand, but because the quality of US grown medical marijuana far exceeds its south of the border peers. Also because cultivation technologies are enabling US cannabis growers to produce high quality in volume in smaller spaces.

According to a United Nations estimates, over 33% of marijuana consumed in the US is now grown in the US, compared to 15% or less a few short years ago.

It is just the most recent example of that made or grown in the USA still can represent the highest quality in the world. According to the Bloomberg Business reporters, some Mexican cartel lieutenant stated the flow of pot is even reversing, with Mexicans demanding the higher quality US counterpart. Demand for US weed offshore is growing due to the cache of US grown weed that it backs up with quality. Of course this export activity remains federally illegal, yet apparently is occurring. Strong demand seems to always create a supply source, regardless of government interference. Alcohol production during the prohibition is just one example. It is ironic to ponder, the US is now a narcotic “drug” exporter to Mexico.

All this data confirms the US medical marijuana industry could fuel this country’s greatest agricultural export boom when Congress wakes up and smells the coffee, and repeals its long unnecessary and unhealthy war on marijuana. US farmers across the nation should be strongly in support of hemp and cannabis decriminalization as it could help many family farms.

As we state in our history of cannabis law articles, we soon may come full circle from hemp being out to export product when a British colony to it again being our top agricultural export in the not too distant future.

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