Safety of Vaping Marijuana and Cannabis Medicine

Portable electronic devices, known as “vape pens,” are increasingly popular among medical marijuana patients because they provide a convenient, discreet, and presumably benign way to administer cannabis. But how safe are they and e-cigarettes really?

Is Vaping Safe?

Jahan Marcu, PhD of recently reported that there may be hidden dangers from vape pens that smolder or use propylene glycol additives.



Here is summary of the key tips to help assure safe use of vaping devices:

  • Avoid using vape oil cartridges that list propylene glycol as an ingredient.
  • Avoid using vape oil cartridges that lack adequate labeling information.
  • Use a lower voltage setting on the vape pen battery—3.3 volts did not produce any formaldehyde, according to study referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Discontinue use of a vape pen if you experience a “dry puff” with an unpleasant metallic taste. Or alternatively, reduce inhalation or puff duration while increasing length between inhalations, puffs, or draws from the device.
  • Don’t use these products unless they come from a trusted or properly certified source.
  • Insist that manufacturers of vape pens and other cannabis-related products adopt rigorous standards for botanical safety and handling; request that they verify these practices through third party certification.

Read the complete article, by clicking hereDr. Jahan Marcu, Project CBD’s science consultant, is the Director of R&D for Green Standard Diagnostics. An earlier article on this subject by Dr. Marcu was published in Freedom Leaf.


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