Medical Cannabis

The Cannabis Plant has a history of Medicinal uses dating back thousands of years in a range of different cultures and applications. Learn from this key timeline summary article on how marijuana became the most important medical plant throughout the world from 2600BC into the 1800s AD.

This section is dedicated to Medical Cannabis information ranging from affected Illnesses to effective treatment methods with a touch of History. Also included will be relevant peer reviewed studies, holistic and nutritional information as well as pieces of controversy.

The bottom line truth is information is liquid and knowledge is evolving; This section may never be complete as the science of Cannabis continues pressing forward for the betterment of us all.

Click on these Illnesses for info on Cannabis and its relation to these generally accepted alleviated Illnesses:


Below are food for thought links related to Medicinal Cannabis and its benefits.

For more information visit our “Science” page pending an expansion of the coverage here..

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