HIV and AIDS and Cannabis and Scientific Journal Supporting Info

HIV AIDS Medicinal Cannabis

  1. The Annals of Internal Medicine, stated in its Aug. 19, 2003 article titled “Short-Term Effects of Cannabinoide in Patients with HIV-1 Infection”:

“Conclusions: Smoked and oral cannabinoids [marijuana] did not seem to be unsafe in people with HIV infection with respect to HIV RNA levels, CD4 and CD8 cell counts, or protease inhibitor levels over a 21-day treatment.”

“Patients receiving cannabinoids [smoked marijuana and marijuana pills] had improved immune function compared with those receiving placebo.  They also gained about 4 pounds more on average than those patients receiving placebo.”

Aug. 19, 2003 Click Here for Source

2. Lynn Zimmer, PhD, wrote in her 1997 book Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: A Review of the Scientific        Evidence:

“There is no evidence that marijuana users are more susceptible to infections than non-users.

Early studies that showed decreased immune function in cells taken from marijuana users have since been disproven.

Indeed, not a single case of marijuana-induced immune impairment has ever been observed in humans.”

1997 – Click Here for Source


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