Will Smoking Hemp Papers with Hand Rolled Cigarettes Get You High?

Hemp whether eaten or smoked will not get you high. Even though hemp is a plant in the cannabis family, hemp does not have meaningful THC (the cannabanoid in marijuana that impacts brain performance in increasingly agreed upon positive ways, and also potentially some negative ways when abused) levels. Visit a Whole Foods and you find a wide variety of hemp products from hemp milk, to hemp protein, hemp butters, hemp oils and hemp skin care. Even hemp clothing. Hemp is an amazing plant and material and was once the largest crop in the US before growing hemp in the US was made illegal. Learn more about hemp and its history by clicking here.

The following excerpt from a recent article on Rolling Paper Depot is very interesting and informative about hemp.

“Hemp is a very versatile plant grown from seed. It is a sister to the marijuana plant and derived from the cannabis species. The difference is the THC (psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) level. Hemp contains less than 1%, while marijuana can range from 5-15%. But why? The marijuana plant produces buds that house resin glands. The resin glands form most of the THC within the plant. The hemp plant is not designed to form the buds, therefore has a dramatically lower THC content. The hemp plant focus is to grow UP in height, producing long fibers. The marijuana plant spreads out in order to produce buds. They have two very different goals in mind!

While the government confirms it has little psychoactive properties, they still do not allow it to be grown in the country. Wait, what?

It isn’t legal to grow on US soil without a special permit from the DEA, but is not illegal to possess. Hemp was outlawed in the US in 1937. Poor little misunderstood plant! It got lumped in the same category as marijuana before anyone took the time to get to know it. Growing it for commercial use in the States isn’t legal, but consumers are welcome to import it and use it for whatever they like. Hemp can be used in clothing, rope, twine and thousands of other items. It is an excellent resource for food, oil and different types of paper. Its wide versatility creates many questions as to why it isn’t legal to grow in the U.S.

The hemp couldn’t be an easier crop to produce. It flourishes without pesticides, actually improves the soil it grows in, and requires little care with a huge return. Its fibers are the longest and strongest of any natural fiber, making it ideal for so many items! The U.S. could benefit immensely from growing this crop, but are still uber hesitant to lift the bans. Some officials say marijuana could be hidden intermittently in the crops, which is a false claim. The plants grow dramatically different.”

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